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1st Massachussetts Regiment Monument Dedication 2001

In 1995, the Snickersville Turnpike Association applied for Federal funds to restore two sites along the Turnpike - one in the area around a former one-lane bridge and the other at the Civil War Monument erected in 1883 by survivors to commemorate their comrades in the 1st Massachusetts Regiment who were killed, wounded or captured on June 17, 1863 at the First Battle of Aldie.

Under the Federal program, STA had to contribute $14,000, which was 20% of the grant requested. After six years of bureaucratic delays, STA is pleased to announce that the work in both areas has been completed and that we are delighted with the results.

In celebration of this major accomplishment, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the monument site on August 18th, 2001. The site had been saved and restored. Members of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry reenactment unit drove down from Massachusetts with their horses where they were joined by cavalry re-enactors from Virginia.

Seven of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors attended, as did Delegates Joe May and Bob Marshall.

Both Union and Confederate troopers laid a wreath at the monument and then the citizens retired to a picnic supper at George and Marcia de Garmo's where there was good food, good music and good friendship. It was a celebration that affirmed that citizens that care could save places that are threatened.

There is now a grassy pulloff area capable of supporting a tour bus, and signage describing both Confederate and Union positions. The stone fence, behind which sharpshooters from the 2nd and 3rd Virginia Cavalry had dismounted and inflicted such heavy casualties on the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry, has been restored to its 1860's condition.

STA was able to acquire 100-year old chestnut rails, and they now constitute the rail fence paralleling the Turnpike. Dead trees have been removed, and a few native trees planted. The view across the Turnpike has been cleared, and much of the battlefield can now be readily seen.

You really must see it to appreciate the entire restoration.
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