Campers, please gather round the campfire to find out how you can get delicious, fresh, and unique Camp Cool Coffee delivered to your door, as you need it.

You will see that ordering from Camp Cool Coffee is simplicity in action.

- Varietals -

In terms of product selection we, are similar to the various "of-the Month" clubs.

We roast about three to four varietals per month, and the selection is constantly changing based on the availability and seasonal aspects of fair-trade coffee beans from around the world.

We choose interesting and fresh beans from top quality coffee warehouses, then we custom roast it to create unique examples of coffee from the top coffee growing regions.

For this reason, we do not stock a standard product list of bean varietals. To your advantage, there is no need to order from complex list each time you need to re-stock your cupboard.

Instead, as a Camp Cool Coffee customer, your coffee deliveries will be an ever-changing sampling of fresh coffee from the world's best coffee regions.

- Standardized Order Quantities - Simplicity! -

Our standard order pack is 3 (Three) 8 ounce bags, 24 ounces total of the varietals that we currently have in stock, sold either as whole roasted beans, or as fresh ground coffee.

We urge our customers to order as whole beans, then grind on-demand, as this is the best way to keep your coffee fresh.
Again, the varietals will vary with each order, and you can order in multiple packs if you need, for an office or a food service environment. There is a discount for multiple packs when shipped as a single order.

We do offer the ability to mix and match the 8 ounce packs with respect to caffienated or decaffientated varietals. For instance, you can specify all bags of one type, or 1 decaf, and 2 caffientated bags, or vice-versa.

- Standardized Pricing - More Simplicity! -

A pack of three bags of Camp Cool Coffee, delivered, varies, based on delivery location.

First pack to VIRGINIA addresses: $???? , additional VA packs are $??? each

First pack to ALL OTHER USA addresses: $???? , additional VA packs are $??? each

This "one price" per pack pricing includes the required sales tax to Virginia locations, as well as the shipping charges for delivery by United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail service.

Please realize that a standard Priority Mail, flat rate box is now $9 per box. We think that it's a small price to pay for high-quality coffee, delivered on an as-needed basis.

- You Choose the Delivery Frequency! - Even More Simplicity! -

Unlike "of the month" clubs, we realize that coffee consumption is variable for every household and every situation. Some of us are need our three-cup-a-day ration, and others are more modest in their consumption.

Therefore, YOU choose your delivery frequency. Once a week, every other week, monthly, or on-demand. And of course, you can change the delivery frequency as you need.

In addition, we will gladly ship individual on-demand orders as GIFTS to your clients, friends and family. Solve your gift giving problems right here!

- How To Order - It's simple! -

For your own order, or for gift orders, simply fill out our online order form here.


Colombian Finca La Maria

Anaerobic Natural Process
Blueberry, Raspberry, Red Wine, Peaches, Chocolate
Variety: Red and Yellow Castillo
Cupping Score 88+, 1600 MASL
Loma del Guamo Village, Titiribi
Price:$16 per 8 oz bag

DESCRIPTION: The anaerobic fermentation process is a natural process of oxygen free fermentation. This translates to the cup with juicier fruit and more pronounced chocolate notes. This highly scored coffee is best roasted to the beginning of first crack to bring out the raspberry flavors.

This process is more time consuming and the Lotero Cano Family are paid a premium for this coffee. I purchase this coffee from Chris Lowe who buys it directly from the family. The Finca [farm] is located in Western Columbia and is at an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level. The Lotero Cano Family are third generation coffee growers and only produce 2000 lbs. of this coffee annually. This coffee represents the best what the family produces.

Ethiopian Limu Kossa

Natural Process
Sweet Citrus, Floral Perfume, Fresh Honey, Balanced Soft Acidity
1800-2200 MASL
Yidnakachew Dabesa Plantation
Price:$10 per 8 oz bag

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Z Yeast Fermentation

Washed Process
Jasmine, Lemongrass, Green Apple, Refreshing Acidity
Heirloom 74158 Bonde Washing Station
2100 MASL
Producer: Iseral Degefa
Price:$12 per 8 oz bag

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe CEO

Natural Process
Fruit Forward, Chocolate, Clean Full Bodied, Med. Acidity
2100-2300 MASL, Heirloom
Price:$16 per 8 oz bag