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The Books That I Use Most For Teaching Guitar

Most "beginner" guitar books are really not for beginners! Most of them skip the real basics, and focus on chords. Maybe you have bought some. I've bought dozens.

The following books are my primary instruction books. They provide a very graduated method of instruction that allows the beginner student to build real skills and confidence.

These books are only the foundation. I'll enhance your lessons with additional insights, unique exercises, the use of the metronome, and other songs that fit your goals.

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Best Book
For Beginners!

Everybody's Guitar Method
Book 1 (with CD)

Excellent for
Fingerstyle Basics!

Beginning Fingerstyle
Blues Guitar (with CD)

Great Easy Arrangements
of Classic Roots Songs
for Fingerstyle

Excellent for
Easy Pop Tunes!

Everybody's Popular Music
for Guitar, Book 1


Here are more beginner/intermediate guitar instruction and song books that I recommend:


Finally, a low priced clamp-on tuner, and a low priced dial metronome!

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